fastlane Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Learn how easy it is to automate your iOS and Android builds and other mundane mobile development tasks.

Automate the creation of your app icons

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fastlane Cheat Codes

Whether you're a single developer or work on a team, this course will save you hours of time. Every. Time.

I discovered fastlane almost a year ago in a different course called Production Ready React Native from Handlebar Labs and I've never looked back. I didn't want to. One single lesson in that course setup fastlane to manage my iOS certificates and provisioning profiles only. Mind you, that's about 10% of what fastlance can do and I was HOOKED.

I was in awe of what that simple setup could do and how much time and frustration it saved me. I mean how many times have you gotten an error that said no matching profiles found, or no signing certificate found when you know they're there. You're looking right at them. The fix? delete them all in the Developer Portal and start over. Super Frustrating not to mention a complete waste of time.

The simple setup I learned took all that pain away. I was in love with a new tool called fastlane

We've all had similar headaches, but here are a few I had.

  • A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found
  • Certificates had expired or not not found
  • Push notification certificates were not built into the provisioning profile
  • Editing any time you need to bump the build number
  • Remembering to increase the version number in xCode to match iTunes Connect
  • Speaking of that, setting up iTunes Connect as a whole is a hassle too
  • Lets talk screenshots for a second, can we? Complete PITA! Making sure they're the correct size, having to generate the same ones in different simulators or emulators, ugh. I'm gettign an ulcer typing this.

THIS is why fastlane Cheat Codes exists. Within minutes you can automate these headaches away for good.

Learn how to automate your app icons now for FREE!

In this course you will learn

  • How to automate code signing for iOS and Android
  • How to create .ipa and .apk files on the fly
  • How to automatically create screenshots
  • How bump the build and version numbers
  • How to create app icons from a main image
  • How to auto-deploy beta versions to various services
  • How to auto-deploy production versions to the App Store and Google Play
  • How to send notification alerts to Slack and other services
  • iOS BONUS: inviting beta testers into TestFlight with a form on your page

Setting up fastlane to automate these headaches will save you hours of time for each and every build no matter if it is an alpha, beta or production build. It is simple and dare I say it enjoyable.

Let me leave you with this.

If you work alone as a company of one, this knowledge is invaluable. The time savings alone is crazy.

If you work on a team and set this up, you'll be a hero. "Release Day" won't be an all day slug through mundane tasks, it'll be a single command you run before you get to up to high-five your boss.

Take some time for yourself to save yourself some time and sign up below.

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Meet Your Instructor


Jonathan Wheat

Sr. Programmer Analyst / Founder

I teach Mobile Application Design at Messiah College and am the founder of VenüDesk, a conference management system with a mobile app for attendees which was built with React Native. I've been using React Native for almost two years and exploring FastLane for over a year, and it changed my life as a mobile developer.


Frequently Asked Questions

I use Windows, do I need a Mac?

Currently, fastlane is officially supported to run on macOS. However, they are working on Windows and Linux. You can view the system requirements here

Is this course finished?

Nope. I am still recording and editing videos for you, that's why I have such a great deal on the price. After it is complete, the price will increase, so get in now :)

How long will I have access to the course?

If you're like me, you'll need to reference certain videos and docs multiple times before it sinks in. This is a one time fee for lifetime access.

I only build for iOS

That's great, fastlane is geared toward iOS and everything will go smoothly for you as you learn, and you can skip over the Android videos.

I only build for Androdid

I have good news for you too! While fastlane is geared more toward iOS, everything I cover in this course can be applied to Android as well. No device left behind... well except for maybe Windows phone :)

I am a poor student, do you have an educational discount?

Absolutely. I was a poor student too, actually I'm a poor adult now, so I get it. Just send me an email - with proof of enrollment and I'll send you a promo code to use. Easy as that.

I don't use React Native, is that ok?

Sure is. fastlane utilizes calls to both xCode and Android related commands for building and taking screenshots. Even though I use React Native examples in the videos, if you are a native developer, you can follow along with no issues.

Get on the early access list today, before it's too late!

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